Orthodontics Near Me in Tucson

Orthodontics Near Me

Find the best orthodontic services near you. Orthodontics refers to a
dental specialty that deals with teeth straightening. The term
“orthodontics” is a Greek word. “Orthos” means straight and “dontics”
means teeth. Therefore Orthodontics as one word means straight

Dentists who specialize in orthodontics are known as orthodontists.
They help correct abnormal alignment or positioning of teeth.

If you are looking for orthodontics near you, this page is right for
you! But first, let’s get a deeper understanding of orthodontics.

Benefits of orthodontics

Orthodontic services are mainly sought to improve cosmetic
appearances. In general, the benefits you can receive from orthodontics

  • Improvement of confidence and self-esteem

  • Improved teeth functionality in biting and chewing

  • Improved speech

  • Reduced risk of cavities due to trapped food that is caused when
    your teeth are incorrectly positioned

  • Reduced risk of gum injury and trauma due to teeth

Orthodontic treatments seek to achieve:

  • Cosmetic correction and better appearance

  • A healthy bite and chewing ability

  • Better dental health

Some of the dental problems that may be corrected by orthodontics

  • Crowded teeth – Crowding of teeth is caused by a
    small jaw or larger teeth than do not fit on the available jaw

  • An open bite – This happens when the lower end
    of the upper front teeth does not touch the upper end of the lower front

  • Deep overbite – This happens when the top and
    bottom front teeth are not aligned and the bottom teeth tend to touch
    the roof of the mouth, sometimes damaging the gums and the

  • Crossbite – This happens when the teeth ends
    don’t meet.

  • Increased overjet – This happens when the upper
    teeth protrude way beyond the lower teeth.

  • Reverse overjet – This happens when the lower
    jaw protrudes way beyond the upper jaw.

  • Gaps between teeth – This happens when there is
    an unnatural spacing between teeth.

Orthodontic treatments are suitable for children and adults. To learn
more about how you can personally benefit from orthodontics, call us and
speak to professional orthodontists near you.