traditional braces

Straight Teeth With Traditional Braces in Tucson AZ

You might be wearing braces if you have crooked, crowded or protruding teeth. Braces can also help correct a misaligned bite and other jaw issues. Traditional braces are the most common way to treat these orthodontic health problems with brackets and archwires that gently shift your teeth into alignment over a few months. If traditional metal/metal-free braces sound like the right option for you, learn more about how they work!

Caring For Your Braces 

Regular brushing and flossing will keep your braces clean and help you avoid stains on your teeth. Your dentist may also recommend a special brush to get into the hard-to-reach spaces between your brace – this will reduce cavities in these areas, as well as other problems that could occur if they are not properly taken care of by cleaning off debris after eating or drinking something. 

Most importantly be sure to keep up with follow-up appointments so that any small issues can be spotted early before they become much worse! Seeing your dentist regularly will ensure healthy teeth for life – addressing questions or concerns along the way.

Metal Braces – Traditional Braces 

For people who are suffering from extreme overcrowding, traditional braces offer the most effective and less expensive treatment option available. Made of metal brackets and elastics, these types of braces are not as visually pleasing for those that are conscious about their appearance but fortunately there is a variety of color options to choose from. 

Traditional braces provide your orthodontist with control in order to move the teeth in small increments at any time while still being able to do so without causing too much discomfort or pain. The main disadvantage is that they give you an awkward mouth appearance which can be a major turnoff if you don’t have enough self-confidence when it comes to your physical features like Invisalign might seem better suited for those who don’t want such results; however today’s brace technology has improved since years past making them more aesthetically appealing than before with many possibilities including different colors both on the brackets and elastics meaning there’s no need to worry about ever misplacing your aligners again!